updated Feb 6, 2024


If you wish to volunteer for the competition, you will recieve free admission to the Starlit Soiree. Signup here: https://forms.gle/xFSYwjtaZjuWq7CDA

Livestream Link

Venue & Free Parking Maps

It will run all day on Saturday, February 10, with wide ranging levels and styles of dance being contested. There is also a social dance on Friday Night (see Starlit Soiree) and workshops on Sunday from morning till late afternoon.

The competition features 6 levels for each dance style: Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold, PreChampionship and Championship.
- Matinee section (8am-6pm) Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold
- Evening section (7pm-10pm) PreChampioship and Championship
The evening section will also feature Jack and Jill (random partner) competitions both Beginner and Advanced level.

Please see the Competitors page for a more detailed timetable. Live results will be posted during the competition at live.o2cm.com