updated Feb 6, 2024


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1. Each competitor may register for two consecutive levels per style, and "Syllabus" is available to anyone dancing in Newcomer thru Gold for that style.

2. Level eligibility at Carnegie Classic is determined by the YCN points system or similar. You can find out more about this system here. If you or your partner have 7 or more points in a certain dance you are not allowed to compete in that level and must move up into the next level you are eligible to compete at. We reserve the right to disqualify couples that we find to be in violation of this rule.

3. If you wish to register for Newcomer, you must have started ballroom dancing within the last 6 months.

4. If you are not eligible for a level but wish to help someone out by dancing TBA, you must wear a jacket of some sort over your costume. The judged dancer wears the number.

5. Carnegie Classic has no costume requirements or restrictions except for basic decency and common sense.

6. If a couple competes in an event they are pointed out of, they will be disqualified retroactively and their results voided.
If you see any entries that should be ineligible, please contact us at cmuclassic+registrars@gmail.com, and include a list of relevant published results in your email. We will respond after our registrars have investigated your claims.

7. There are no figure restrictions on Jack & Jill (random partners) competition and dancers may chose movements from American style or International style at their discretion.

8. Jack & Jill Beginner level is open only to dancers who did not dance Silver level in that dance category (Standard/Smooth is one category, Latin/Rhythm is the other). If the dancer danced in Silver they must dance Advanced level.

9. Dancers may enter just the Jack & Jill for a cost of $10, payable on Saturday in person (cash only)

Approximate Schedule: Saturday, Feb 10, 2024:

Matinee section (Newcomer-Gold) Time
Smooth 9:00am
Standard 10:15am
Lunch Break 12:15pm
Rhythm 1:45pm
Latin 3:00pm
Dinner Break 4:45pm
Evening section (PreChamp and Champ) Time
Performance by PGH Casineros, Noel Quintana, and Jose Rivera 7:00pm
Standard 7:15pm
Jack & Jill #1 (Beginner Tango & Advanced Foxtrot) 7:30pm
Rhythm 7:40pm
Smooth 8:15pm
Jack & Jill #2 (Beginner Chacha & Advanced Rumba) 8:40pm
Latin 8:50pm

Dances available for each level:

Level Standard Rhythm Smooth Latin
Newcomer W, T, Q C, R, Sw W, T, F C, R, J
Bronze W/Q, T, F C/R, Sw, M W/T, F, V C/R, S, J
Silver W/Q, T/F C/R, Sw/M W/T, F/V C/R, S/J
Gold W/T/F/Q C/R/Sw/M W/T/F/V C/S/R/J
Syllabus V B P
PreChamp W/T/F/Q, V C/R/Sw/B, M W/T/F/V C/S/R/J, P
Open W/T/V/F/Q C/R/Sw/B/M W/T/F/V C/S/R/P/J

Registration cost:

Entry to the competition costs a flat rate per person based on WHEN you pay. All registration payments must be settled electronically on Cashnet, see details below.

Payment Deadline Students Everyone else
Early Bird (January 19) $40 $55
Regular (January 26) $45 $60
Late (February 2) $55 $75

Payment on Cashnet: Click Here

All registration payments must be settled electronically through CMU Cashnet.
Go to Cashnet, and search for "Ballroom Dance Org-Miscellaneous Sales (non-taxable)"
Please enter a tagline in the description exactly as shown below:

Reg (E / R / L): (Last name), (First name), (Stu at ___ / NonStu).

This platform will not allow for descriptions longer than 50 characters, so if you are registering for a whole team, put the team name and send us an email at cmuclassic@gmail.com with the list of taglines.